There are so many things to love about Christmas; the food, the catch-ups and the chance to finally unwind. But it’s also one of the most wasteful times of the year, with millions of pounds spent on unwanted gifts, many of which end up in landfill.

So how can you enjoy this festive period in a more sustainable way without being a complete Christmas Scrooge? Most of us already have more stuff than we need, but the act of giving is a great one! We think that one of the nicest ways to enjoy Christmas is gifting experiences, food or drink, all of which can be enjoyed with loved ones. And surely that’s what Christmas is really all about?

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite independent brands and artists, whose products can all be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Enjoy!

Celeste (artist)

According to research, experiences give longer lasting happiness than things. And they create a lot less waste too. As big music fans, one of our favourite things to gift is gig tickets. It gives you an event to look forward to in the calendar, and it’s something to be enjoyed with friends. One newcomer to look out for is Celeste (recent winner of the Brits rising star award) - we went to see one of her gigs recently and were completely blown away. Why not take a friend to her next show? She’s supporting Michael Kiwanuka at Shepherds Bush Empire next year - we think it will be a pretty special night.

Fatty's Organic Gin

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a G&T, and this award-winning gin is one worth trying. 100% organic, it uses dill as its key botanical, which makes it incredibly clean and light on the palate. Consuming organic is pesticide, GMO and chemical free, but vitally, organic soil management captures carbon from the atmosphere and helps reduce the impact caused by flooding and droughts. Cheers!


Lovorika create gorgeous, natural perfumes without the usual synthetics which are harmful to both us, and the environment. They are completely transparent giving full guidance on all ingredients and possible natural allergens. And they smell divine. 

Jennifer West Photography

One of the most sustainable gifts you can give is something that will be cherished forever. Photographer Jen, who has helped us create some of our photography, also specialises in family photoshoots. She is passionate about taking beautiful, creative photographs that make people happy, because (in her words) life is too short and memories are precious. We love her.

The Pickle House

The Pickle House was established in 2014 by Florence Cherruault in Hackney, London. Having first been introduced to the idea of drinking pickle juice whilst in New York she wanted to create a recipe that was specifically made for cocktails and smoothies. Now selling a selection of pickle-based products, you can choose whether to shoot it after whiskey, or use it in your Bloody Mary. Either way it will be sure to add a kick to your Christmas. 

Self Care Co. 

These guys create natural, soy candles blended with a mixture of essential oils. And they offer mindful candle-making workshops where you can learn about the power of essential oils and how they can naturally combat anxiety, stress and low mood. Their candles are Vegan, eco-friendly, and the containers can be returned for re-use. They also donate 10% of profits to mental health projects. They are doing great things.

Jamie Gaunt Furniture

Jamie creates unique, hand-carved pieces out of fallen wood from the woods around his workshop. For one-off special pieces of furniture or homeware, look no further. Guaranteed that you’ll love for life.

Old Tree Brewery 

This is one for those who are trying to take it a little easy this Christmas. Old Tree Brewery are a closed-loop botanical brewery and fermentation hub. They combine brewing and gardening with forest farming and fermentation. Producing drinks that are probiotic for our gut and compost that is probiotic for the soil. They are currently selling a delicious hot, mulled cider concentrated into cordial - the perfect seasonal flavour this Christmas. 

Every Origin

Every Origin aim to protect our natural resources whilst creating beautiful gifts that are founded on three basic principles: Re-purpose, reduce and responsible source. Her website includes some reusable crackers that you can fill with more sustainable goodies of your choosing, and then re-use next year. Love.

We wish you a fantastic conscious Christmas :)

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