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Our sustainable mission is to make durable wardrobe staples that you will love and wear for years to come. Every decision we make is influenced by our ambition to reduce our environmental impact. As a start-up this may not always be possible, but we are always looking for ways to improve as we grow. 

Greenwashing is an issue within the fashion industry so we want to be as transparent as possible. Below we give detailed information about our factory, our processes and our fabrics and finishes. We support the Fashion Revolution movement and we know "who makes our clothes”.

Eco Age brand mark
We have been awarded the Eco-Age brandmark in  recognition of creating high performance rainwear in a transparent supply chain, using recycled materials and avoiding toxic PFC and PTFE-based finishings.



It’s paramount for us to know that the people making our garments and materials work in a safe environment and are paid fairly. We work with Jireh Corporation co-founder Sara has worked with this factory previously in her career where she visited the grounds and worked directly with the team.

Jireh Corporation are audited by a third party group BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative). The audit reviews workers’ rights, working conditions and the factory’s environmental impact. It also gives us full wage transparency. There are 98 workers in the factory and the last audit took place 21/11/18. Throughout these inspections, the auditor conducts individual and group interviews where workers can speak freely and confidentially about their rights and working conditions. The rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining policy are respected and defined within the factory’s organisation. There is an established trade union where workers’ representatives, freely elected by workers, can communicate any concerns to the management team. 



Technical fabrics for waterproof apparel are generally made out of polyester yarns (plastic) due to the requirement for lamination and seam sealing which isn’t possible with natural fibres. Virgin polyester is made from non-renewable petroleum, which is a by-product of processing oil, and far from eco-friendly. Hazardous chemicals are often used to create water repellency.

Our launch style, the Raincoat is 56% Greenlon® Re which is made from yarn generated from recycled waste plastic. We intend to source a fabric that has a higher recycled content once we become more established.

Greenlon® Re is made by Chainlon who are a Taiwanese nylon chip and yarn manufacturer. This yarn is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified, ensuring no toxic chemicals are present in the fabrics that could be harmful to the consumer or environment.

Using Greenlon® Re has an energy saving of 8.5%, a waste water saving of 84% and a gas generation saving of 77%.

Our other two styles: the Field jacket and Parka, which we aim to launch next year, are 100% Repreve® recycled fibre made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. This fabric is bluesign® certified which means the fabric mill conserves valuable resources and minimizes environmental impact as well as eliminating harmful substances throughout the process.

Producing recycled polyester requires less water, less energy and emits fewer greenhouse gases when compared to virgin polyester creation.

All shell fabrics are GRS certified which is a globally respected certification for verifying the recycled content of the fibre, as well as to verify responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production.

All of our fabrics have a PFC-free DWR water repellency. PFCs are long chain chemical compounds widely used throughout the outdoor industry to repel water and oil from fabric surfaces. The problem is that these chemicals don’t break down and over time they build up in the environment and can enter the food chain posing a harmful threat to both wildlife and humans.

The waterproof finish on our Raincoat fabric is Bionic Finish® ECO PFC-free and it is applied at the dyeing house; Hsiang Shin Enterprise Co., Ltd who are bluesign® certified

The Kimono lamination is made by the manufacturer Miracle Textile Industry and is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified ensuring no toxic chemicals are present in the lamination that could be harmful to the consumer or environment. The lamination used on our fabrics is PTU which is biodegradable and it is also PTFE-free. We need to avoid using PTFEs because they have similar issues to PFCs in that they contain hazardous chemicals that affect human immune systems. 

We are a vegan brand: no leather, no feathers, no fur.

The DWR coating and lamination of our fabrics means that micro fibre shedding should be minimal but in any case we would recommend our customers to wash our jackets in a Guppy Bag or with a Cora Ball in the machine. We would also recommend infrequent washing and to always wash on a low temperature, no more than 30 degrees. 

Every single element of On Good Authority is as sustainable, ethical and environmentally low impact as possible. We have tried to ensure that our efforts run through to every last detail including our packaging. All packaging is FSC certified and 100% recyclable. We use recycled tissue paper for postal packaging and our swing tickets are made from 100% recycled paper. Use of swing tickets and packaging will be kept to a minimum amount required.

Our jackets have been built with love and longevity in mind. They’re trans-seasonal and easily adaptable to your own unique style. We encourage our customers to buy less but buy better and to remember that loved clothes last.